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Amazon Gift Codes

So recently I have been saving Amazon gift codes from all the sites I use. I was able to buy my daughter’s birthday present with all my codes! I ordered it yesterday and it came out to $80.82, and I only had to pay $0.82!!!! I think that’s pretty awesome! So where do I get my codes from? Well, here’s a breakdown!

Cashed out: $45 Amazon gift codes
I’ve been signing up for free trials in order to get points on  InstaGC. It’s been helping me gain TONS of points and get Amazon gift cards for absolutely NOTHING! You can also sign up for newsletters or register for different sites in order to get points. I suggest using a junk email account for those signups. Use a prepaid or Jingit card to sign up for free trials. It’s VERY easy and the cashout limit is LOW. You can cash out at 100 points which equals $1!!!!


Cashed out: $35 Amazon gift codes

Superpoints is one of my FAVORITE sites! I love it because it’s easy and even my 3 (almost 4 year old) can help me with it!

It’s really too easy. Click a button (make your kids do it for you!), complete offers, watch videos (there have been TONS of videos lately!), invite friends and check your email. It really is that simple. Why let easy money go to waste? 
Cashed out: $15 Amazon gift codes
Swagbucks takes a little longer, but it’s another legitimate way to get Amazon gift cards. You can earn points for searching, playing games, completing offers, watching videos and inviting friends. I don’t enjoy it as much, but I don’t spend THAT much time on the site. If you DO enjoy it, stay dedicated! You can get a $5 Amazon gift card for just 450 Swagbucks!
Cashed out: $11 Amazon gift codes
Clover is similar to PayPal in you can send money to whoever you would like. 
When you sign up and add a credit card (I used my Jingit card), you receive $5. 
You can withdraw that $5 as an Amazon gift code, send it to PayPal or send it to your bank account. 
(FULL DISCLOSURE: I receive $5 for every person who joins under my link)
Even if you never use the site (I'm not planning to), who doesn't like a free $5?

Disclosure: These are my personal referral links, which may or may not help me gain more points, cash, etc. This does not affect the reviews or my personal opinions of these sites.

Birthday Parties on a Budget

My daughter will be turning 4 soon, so I’ve been thinking about her birthday party. She’s OBSESSED with Hello Kitty. Have you SEEN the Hello Kitty merchandise? It can be extremely expensive. So how do I have a birthday party for her on a budget?

Shop Around

I’ve been looking at the Hello Kitty party supplies online and in the stores. I saw some affordable plates and cups at Target and on I know Party City will be more expensive. Once I find the best deal, I’ll buy it!

Look at the Season

We’ve been seeing Valentine’s Day stuff since New Year’s! Once Valentine’s Day is over, the pink plates and napkins will be on clearance! Pink plates? Totally goes with a Hello Kitty theme! Thanks to my sis for that idea!

Make Adjustments and Compromise

When my daughter was turning 2, she loved Ni Hao Kai Lan. Unfortunately, at that time, there was VERY little Ni Hao Kai Lan merchandise available. A few things here and there, but nothing I could supply a whole party with! I found some Personalized Ni Hao Kai Lan cake toppers, which I put in her plain ice cream cake. Also found a few cups and napkins. The best part? The red silk Chinese pajamas that I dressed my daughter in! She looked like a little Asian princess! Be creative and add your own spice to the party. Remember, you can tie in a theme in other ways than decorations!

Do It Yourself

I love a good craft project, so this comes naturally to me! For my niece’s 2nd birthday, we had a Curious George theme! We couldn’t find Curious George decorations, so we MADE them! We printed out pictures of Curious George on cardstock, we hung up red, yellow and blue decorations. We had a few Curious George balloons. We used red plates. The best part was the centerpiece. My sister, who LOVED Curious George as a child, had this tall tin canister that had Curious George on it. I added some yellow and red tissue paper and tied a weight to the end of 3 red, blue and yellow balloons. It was adorable!

Have Fun

This will be my daughter’s 4th birthday, so I want to make it very special for her. The more Hello Kitty, the better. So I will have fun making it the best birthday ever. At least until next year 🙂


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