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Vremi’s 12 Days of Giveaways

Who doesn’t love winning prizes, especially around the holidays?

Vremi is hosting their “12 Days of Giveaways” and giving 133 people a chance to win some great prizes. 

Every day, 12 winners will be awarded the prize of the day. On the 12th day, one grand prize winner will be awarded all the prizes, PLUS an electric hand mixer! 

December 13: Salad Spinner
December 14: Garden Tool Set
December 15: Mason Jar Set
December 16: Avocado Slicer
December 17: Ice Cream Scoop
December 18: Garlic Press
December 19: Collapsible Basket
December 20: Coffee Carafe
December 21: Hand Blender
December 22: Stainless Steel 1500w Blender
December 23: Apple Peeler
December 24: One Grand Prize Winner wins 12 Items (All 11 prizes and ELECTRIC HAND MIXER)

Vremi is a start-up brand passionate about providing high-quality yet affordable products that are full of personality for your home, kitchen, and beyond. Our products have gotten love from New York Magazine, Lifehacker, and BuzzFeed, and many of them have become Amazon’s favorites!

My favorite part about Vremi is that all the products are affordable and have GREAT personality. The boxes are hilarious and will definitely make you LOL when you receive your package. 

In addition to this amazing giveaway, Vremi is also accepting new members into their Secret Sauce Society on Facebook. In the month of December, the top 10 members who invite new members will receive a Vremi gift basket! For every 500 members that are added over 5000, they will add another winner. No limits! 

Join Vremi Secret Sauce Society for exclusive giveaways, product testing opportunities, and early access to products. Approval’s easy, just answer 3 short questions and you’re closer to free products and special experiences!

This post contains affiliate links. I have not been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Lysol Power & Free

As the daughter of a Lysol fanatic (Hi Mom!), I grew up with Lysol products in my home. Now that I have my own children, the importance of Lysol has never left my mind. I try to do everything I can to kill bacteria and keep things clean.

As a BzzAgent, I received Lysol Power and Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Lysol Power & Free Toilet and Bathroom Wipes for review. I expected a high quality product and that is exactly what I got!

The spray is perfect for kitchen counters (especially after working with chicken and meat!) and the stove top. I was able to kill bacteria and clean surfaces easily and with minimal scrubbing. I am in my kitchen everyday, so it’s important to me to keep it as clean as possible. This product helped greatly!

The wipes are fantastic! I was able to freshen up the bathroom easily and quickly! Wiping the toilet seat and sink was a breeze, and the bathroom SMELLED fresh. Bathrooms can get musty and moldy really easily, but with these wipes, this makes clean up a cinch!

Full Disclosure: I received these products for review from BzzAgent, but the review is completely my own opinion.