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Sweepstakes tips and tricks!

 How many of you have seen contests or sweepstakes on Facebook or Twitter and entered one or two but never really won anything? I win stuff here and there, but I’ve never focused on sweepstakes as a full time job. There are many full time “sweepers” who take entering contests seriously.

I met Melissa via Facebook through one of her sweepstakes groups. After becoming her friend, I saw how many sweepstakes she entered and how many she WON! I was fascinated. I never saw someone winning THAT many contests before. I had to know more! She was gracious enough to answer some questions for me, and give you all some great tips!

Crazy Couponing: How did you get started sweeping?
Melissa Tippie: By trying to do the coupon thing. Then went to Free Samples online. Which lead entering to sweepstakes.

CC: Do you do it exclusively? Meaning full time. Do you have another job?
MT: Over the years I’ve done both. Worked part-time at my sweeps while also work outside of the home. To now full time doing sweeps only. With gas prices & living in the country … I found I could help my family more by staying home & entering sweeps vs working only part-time at a job outside the home. 

CC: How much time do you devote to it each day?
MTSometimes only 4 to 6 hours..and sometimes I’ll sweep for 10-12-14 hours in a row. It depends on many factors: such as weather ~ season/my health/beginning or ending time of the month/etc

I do enter sweeps everyday ~ even holidays. Except if I’m on vacation or away camping w/no internet access. I find I win more if I sweep everyday.

CC: What are the most frustrating aspects of sweeping?
MT: Nothing really. I find it’s like a treasure hunt looking for sweeps that I am eligible for my state/country to enter. I look at it like a sports player or a race car driver would in their sport ~ they don’t always score a basket, hit a home room or win the car race…but they are getting to play something that they love. And I love sweeping. I’d rather enter find & sweeps then say watch tv/movies, do crafts, etc or what other people might do as hobbies with their free time. 

CC: What are the most fun aspects? 
MT: Whenever I find a sweep with a really fun or cool prize. Then as I enter I get to dream … if only for a minute … what I might do IF I was lucky enough to win that prize! How it could change my life…or my families??? Or who I might give that prize to IF I won? 

CC: What is the biggest prize you have ever won?
MT: Trips, I’d say. Won: My FAVES ~ NBC’s The Voice Season Finale 2 Live Shows in CA. From a Twitter sweep where I had to answer questions ask by Kohl’s over a period of months. Or a Trip for 4 to Disney, CA w/hopper park passes from a Facebook sweep. Several gambling trips as well to Las Vegas & Tunica, MS. Plus Big Ticket Items: 2 ct Black Diamond Yellow Gold earrings, $2500 Mac Make-up, Amethyst 18 Yellow Gold drop earrings, $570 Smartphone & Epson Wireless Printer. Smaller Ticket Items: 2 portable wireless printers, Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, SkyPad 706 Tablet, picnic table, tools, tv wall mount, clothes, shoes, jewelry, tons of headphones/earbuds, books, dvd’s, cd’s, backpacks/bags/totes to lot’s of food/drinks etc. Checks from $2 -$1,000. Gift Cards from $5 -$500. Also a Year of: Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, Hummus Dip, Socks, Weed Killer, etc.

CC: How often do you win?
MT: Every week. Even if it’s smaller items.

CC: Do you rely on referrals for wins? Why or why not?
MT: I share every sweeps that I enter via all my personal social pages. I think if everyone would share what sweeps they’ve found and/or entered then none of us sweepers would have to rely on paid sweeps sites to find the sweeps. Lot’s of sweep that you enter you will give someone a referral … whether it’s to a sweeper that you know in person/online or someone you don’t know behind the paid sweep site. That doesn’t mean you are handing that person the win. It means that you have found another sweep to enter. That’s it. I had 9,000 entries in to win $10,000 and a lady won it w/only a few entries. It’s luck…in what sweeps that you DO win. It’s NOT luck in winning ~ IF you enter into enough sweeps each day/week/month. The key is ENTER ENTER and ENTER some more.

However, that being said READ the rules once or twice. Don’t waste your time entering, sharing & re-sharing all month long to win a sweep that you are not eligible for your age/state/country etc to win. No one likes to read the rules cause it slows a sweeper down. However like I said don’t hurry in the beginning ~ only to waste time all month long sharing a sweep ~ to find that you can’t win the prize. So work smarter not harder.

CC: Does anyone in your family sweep with you?
MT: No. My 18 year old son thinks it’s stupid & crazy  until I win him a prize or a trip! I have a few ex co-workers, some of my families co-workers & some friends who sweep some/part time. But no one who does it with on a daily bases. Just strangers I’ve met online via social web sites ~ that I’m lucky to say quite a few have become good friends over time.  

CC: What is the biggest tip you have for people who want to win contests? 
MT: Read the rules & enter as much as you can/and as often as you can on each day/week/month. Have patience waiting on a win. My 1st won took like a month or so. Also, try to enter different types of sweeps w/diff ending dates all through-out each month. So, you will give yourself more chances to win prizes each month. Examples: Instant Win Games, Text-To-Win, Twitter’s ReTweet-to-Win, blogs, PunchTab, Woobox, magazine sweeps, tv show sweeps etc. Do both Enter Daily & One Time Only sweeps/giveaways too. Try to join diff social sites ~ Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, myspace, Klout, Crowdtap, YouTube to find both the sweeps/giveaways/contests & sweepers to connect up with every day/week/month. Also, don’t forget your local sweeps & contests from radio stations or in stores.

Thank you Melissa for the wonderful tips and tricks! If you would like to start sweeping and become friends with Melissa (She has TONS of links to sweepstakes!), you can contact her at the following links! 

And if you want a list of sweepstakes we enter, go to our Facebook Page

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