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Manilla is the best site/app out there. Enter ALL of your bills and get reminders when they are due! Phone, electric, credit card, etc. Never pay a late fee again! It helps you budget and you can see how much you are actually spending! I have the app on my Ipod and get reminders when certain bills are due! This is especially great since you can go paperless with all of your bills and not forget to log on to each account!

Money Saving Tip

Clean your car’s air filter. A clean air filter can improve your gas mileage by up to 7% saving you more than $100 for every 10,000 miles you drive in an average vehicle. Plus, cleaning your air filter is easy to do in just a few minutes- just follow the instructuons in your automobiles manual and you’re good to go!!

Money Saving Tip

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it! One should never go into a store without a strong idea of what one will be buying while in there. Make a careful plan of what you’ll buy before you go, then stick strictly to that list when you go to the store. Don’t put anything in the cart that’s not on your list, no matter how tempting, and you’ll come out of the store saving a bundle!!