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Save money with Digit!

Digit is a great app that allows you to save money without thinking about it! Digit is an automated savings account that has NO FEES! It’s completely FREE!

 Digit will look at your spending and saving habits, and save a little bit of money from your checking account for you, AUTOMATICALLY! You can withdraw your money anytime. Since I started saving with Digit, I’ve saved almost $300. And that’s without even paying attention! You can stop saving anytime you want, or set a limit for saving. It’s SO easy! The best part? Digit will pay you $5 for each friend you refer!

Want to start saving today? Join here

Groupon Snap

Hurry up and sign up for Groupon Snap! Just like Ibotta and Checkout 51!!!!

When you purchase the items on the list, snap a picture of your receipt and get cash in your account! Once your account reaches $20, you get a check!

Currently, there are 36 rebates available! There are offers for milk, diapers and much more! Refer your friends and receive $1 when they redeem their first offer!

Best part? Snap can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer – just download our app for iOS or Android, or online at!!!!!

Double Dipping Grocery Deals!

If you are a fan of Crazy Couponing, you know how much I love smartphone apps that help you save or make money!

Shopmium (Use code GYYGCUTN to get a free Lindt Chocolate Bar!)
Checkout 51

Buy any brand Milk-
Ibotta- $0.50 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.50 back

Total Cash Back= $1.00

Real California Milk Coupon= $0.35

Glade Wax Melts
Ibotta- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.50 cash back

Total Cash Back= $1.50

Glade Wax Melts Coupon=$1 off two

Shopmium- Fage Yogurt- $0.50 cash back
Checkout 51- any brand yogurt- $0.50 cash back

Total Cash Back= $1.00

Lavazza Coffee-
Shopmium- $1.50 cash back
Checkout 51- $2.50 cash back
 (Must buy Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selezione or Perfetto blend to receive both rebates)

Total Cash Back= $4.00

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refill
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.75 cash back
Total cash back= $1.75

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Coupon-$1 off

Belvita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits 8.8 oz.
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Ibotta-  $0.75 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75 

Ritz Crackerfuls
Ibotta- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $2.00

CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner
Ibotta- $0.75 cash back
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75

CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover
Ibotta- $0.75 cash back
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75

Purex Laundry Help Sweepstakes!

The Purex Laundry Help app has been released! I immediately downloaded it and got to exploring. I’ve done so much laundry in my lifetime that I thought I was an expert, but apparently not!

If you’re like me, you HATE ironing dress shirts. For some reason, I could never figure out how to iron them correctly. The Purex Laundry Help app fixes that by giving step by step instructions and illustrations on how to do so! Ironing and Folding is easy Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong!

Another great feature of the app is the Stain Guide. Line up the category, the type of stain with the material. Want to know how to get Baby Poop out of silk? The Purex Laundry Help App can tell you how to get it looking new again!


To celebrate the new Purex Laundry Help App, Purex is giving you a chance to win an iPad mini. Download the app and enter today for your chance at the grand prize! Be one of three winners!!!!



Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are 100% my own,

Learn how to do ANYTHING…..From YouTube?

In this economy, we can’t afford to throw out and replace every little thing that gets damaged or broken. We also are always looking for more economical ways to clean our house, get more out of our appliances or just cool new tricks.

 My dad just told me a story of a neighbor who found a 32″ LED TV on the curb that was in good condition but wasn’t working. He picked up the TV and brought it home, went on to YouTube to figure out how to repair it, bought the $15 part he needed and now he has a nice TV for less than the cost of eating out.

My husband is an electronics lover. He LOVES computers, iPhones, iPods, phones, etc. He’s almost obsessed with them to a point where I sometimes get jealous, but that’s a different story. He taught himself how to replace the glass on iPods and iPhones, just from watching YouTube videos like this one. It’s turned into a little side business for him. Buying broken iPhones, fixing them and then selling them for a profit! Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I, on the other hand, LOVE makeup. Seriously. But I can’t afford MAC makeup and brushes, I can’t afford to buy TONS of makeup that sucks. YouTube is great for watching people’s reviews and suggestions. Plus, you can learn cool things like making a pan picker, a homemade device designed to get eyeshadow out of the pan without damaging the pan. (P.S. I love this guy! So entertaining!)

But we turn to YouTube for other things also. For example, my KitchenAid mixer wasn’t working and the warranty had ended. But I just couldn’t figure out where to get it replaced without paying an arm and a leg. And then, VOILA! I found this video, showed it to hubby, and now I have a KitchenAid mixer that kneads dough for me, because it’s something that I absolutely hate to do.

So what’s the point of this post? You can learn how to do ANYTHING, just from YouTube videos. Whether it be making centerpieces, doing a smoky eye, repairing any sort of electronic item or appliance. You just have to look. You can save TONS of money and you get the satisfaction of knowing you repaired something yourself!