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2012- Year in Review

As the end of the year approaches, I can’t help but think about the year as a whole. There were highs and lows, happiness and sadness, just like any other year. But this year my life changed. I would love to share some of it with you!

I had another little girl in October! Safa was born the day before Hurricane Sandy hit the New York area. I remember feeling nervous and worried about what would happen if I went into labor during the storm. But Safa decided to arrive on a Sunday morning, which happened to be convenient for my mom and my husband, as they were accompanying me to the hospital! I ended up needing a c-section due to her being in a weird position. Because of that c-section, I had to stay in the hospital for the whole duration of the storm. I also recovered from my c-section MUCH better than I expected I would. I was stronger than I thought I was!

Hurricane Sandy was devastating. While my family and I were EXTREMELY lucky in that we didn’t suffer any damage, it was very scary and sad to see our fellow New Yorkers suffering so much. There was gas rationing, no bread in the stores and downed trees everywhere. It felt surreal. But we also got to see the humanity of our fellow New Yorkers, as many people gathered together to help and rebuild. New Yorkers lived up to their street smarts and “get down to business” attitudes.

My oldest daughter, Zaara, started school! My 4 year old is definitely not a baby anymore. She started Pre-K and I was more nervous than she was! I stayed with her the first day of school and she said, “Mama, you can go home now”. While I was sad she said that, I was also proud. She was brave and was ready to learn. She has blossomed so much in the course of a few months. She comes home everyday with art projects, singing songs and telling me about her day. I look forward to it and enjoy that special time we have together.

I got lazy with my couponing. I am always the first one to look for a coupon and do a big shopping trip, but I think my pregnancy just got the best of me. I was tired and sick a lot of the time and I just didn’t have the energy. I paid full price (GASP!) for a lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t have. I also got lazy with this blog and the Facebook page. I didn’t really post as many deals as I should have!

I saved money in places I wasn’t expecting! I had a birthday party for Zaara in February and I was able to get a tablet for her with all of my saved Amazon gift cards. I was able to get a stroller for $20 for Safa with all of my saved Amazon gift cards. I also did some focus groups and made money that way! I really tried to make money with different sites and I was successful here and there.

My husband got a promotion! I was really proud, because he came to this country not knowing any English and not really having a career in mind. He ended up in construction and he’s still with the same company. We were so grateful that he still had a job in this economy, so for him to get a promotion, we were ecstatic. He works so hard and the recognition was satisfying. 

My goals for 2013:

  • Start couponing better, and never shop without a coupon!
  • Stick to getting Amazon gift cards from all my different sites and saving them up!
  • Save money wherever I can, whether it be to skip eating out, buying only essential items or stocking up on the essentials.
  • Eat healthier and if I lose weight as a byproduct of that, awesome! But not trying to diet!
  • Learn a new skill! Whether it be learning how to cook a new meal or a new makeup trick, I will learn something useful and fun! 
  • Share more deals with you here and on the Facebook page!
  • Enjoy my girls and be grateful everyday that they are healthy and happy.

What are your goals for the year?


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