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Crazy Couponing Money Challenge — Day 9

Crazy Couponing Money Challenge — Day 9 Theme: Focus Groups!

So, we’re on Day 9 of the Money Challenge. Have you made any money so far?

One of my favorite ways to make money is focus groups. Major corporations pay BIG BUCKS to get feedback from REAL consumers like us. They want to know what we like, what we hate, what is important to us, and what we will really buy.

There are many legitimate companies that conduct focus groups. When you sign up, you will fill out a form telling the company more about yourself, like your age, you ethnicity, your marital status, etc. This information will help them find out if you are what the company is looking for. Companies usually want to get the opinions of certain demographics.

I have done focus groups and have been able to give my opinions on things like dolls, chocolate, baking mixes, etc. They pay really well. I received a free vacuum and $30 for giving my opinion on the vacuum in one focus group. In another, I received a free Costco membership and $100. My daughter has done focus groups for Nickelodeon and gotten paid to test apps and games! I’ve received anywhere from $30 to $200 from participating in various focus groups.

I am a stay at home mom, so it can be difficult to get to focus groups in the city. That’s why I love ONLINE focus groups. They can be webcam interviews, focus groups boards, one day questionnaires, etc. They are a great way to make money in your pajamas!

Below is a list of legitimate focus group companies.

Focus Forward
AlphaBuzz Research
20/20 Research 
Focus Pointe Global 

Also, follow Facebook fan pages so you can get the latest focus group info!

How have you been doing with the Crazy Couponing Money Challenge? Is there anything you want to know more about? Leave a comment below!

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dscout mobile app

There’s a smartphone app called dscout that allows you to get paid for “missions”. Basically completing tasks on your smartphone (mostly taking pictures and answering questions).  

dscout is leading a very special set of missions designed to help bring classrooms into the digital age.

If selected, you will receive $150 to complete 3 brief missions using your smartphone for ~1 hour of work in the next few days. (TEACHERS ONLY). I’m sure a lot of teachers can use the extra cash!


Nationwide Focus Groups

There are lots of focus groups that are available to do on the phone or online. These are usually categorized as NATIONWIDE. Focus groups are a GREAT way to earn some extra cash. I’ve earned anywhere from $25 to $200. I also was able to score a free vacuum with one focus group I did last year! Here are some links to some NATIONWIDE focus groups.

$100  5-day online focus group

$50 Phone interview about insomnia

$150 Online focus group about shopping 

WOMEN $125 for 2-Hour Online Webcam Focus Group May 30, May 31, or June 1 during the day or evening