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Cash rewards for shopping? Yes please!

Get cash rewards for spending with your favorite brands.
Drop is an app that gives you cash rewards for shopping at your favorite places. Automatically. Rack up Drop points for going grocery shopping, taking an Uber to work, and more.

Let Drop do the work. Link your credit and debit cards and spend. We automatically give you points.

Drop is personalized to the way you spend. Earn at your favorite stores and choose your cash rewards.

Keep earning credit card points, Starbucks Stars, and whatever programs you use — you’ll earn Drop points on top.

Get 1000 free Drop points when you sign up with my link.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Back to School Cereal Deals!

Check out this $.25 rebate on Breakfast Cereal – Any Brand from Ibotta.

Save 20% on 12oz. Cheerios with Target Cartwheel

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Cheerios™ cereals: Original Cheerios™ • Honey Nut Cheerios (Printable)
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor Cheerios cereals: Original Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi Grain Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Chocolate Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch  (SavingStar)

Save 20% on 12oz. Golden Grahams with Target Cartwheel

Save 20% on 11.8-12oz Cocoa Puffs with Target Cartwheel

Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals listed: Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Trix  (SavingStar)

Save 10% on all sizes of Quaker Squares with Target Cartwheel

Save 20% on 10.7oz of Trix with Target Cartwheel

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals listed: Cocoa Puffs™ • Cookie Crisp™ • Trix(Printable)
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals listed: Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Trix  (SavingStar)

Save 20% on 11.25oz of Cookie Crisp Cereal with Target Cartwheel

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals listed: Cocoa Puffs™ • Cookie Crisp™ • Trix(Printable)
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals listed: Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Trix  (SavingStar)

Save 20% on 11.5oz of Lucky Charms with Target Cartwheel

Save $0.50 on one box of Lucky Charms (Printable)
Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) BOX Lucky Charms cereal (SavingStar)

Save 5% on 12-13oz of Reese’s Puffs with Target Cartwheel

SAVE 50¢ ON ONE when you buy any ONE BOX Chex™ cereal: Rice Chex™ • Corn Chex™ • Wheat Chex™ • Honey Nut Chex™ • Chocolate with Target Cartwheel

Save 5% on 12.25oz of Honey Nut Cheerios with Target Cartwheel

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Cheerios™ cereals: Original Cheerios™ • Honey Nut Cheerios (Printable)
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) BOXES any flavor Cheerios cereals: Original Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi Grain Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios, Chocolate Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch (SavingStar)

Save 5% on 12-12.8oz of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Target Cartwheel

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor General Mills Big G cereals:Cheerios™ • Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ • Chex™ • Lucky Charms

Buy 2: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereals, get $1 from Checkout 51

Buy 2: Kellogg’s Cereals 8.7oz or larger, get $1 from Mobisave
SAVE 75¢ on ONE Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereal (Printable)
SAVE $3.00 on any FIVE Kellogg’s Cereals (Printable)

Free $5 from Square Cash!

If you would like to receive $5 direct deposited into your bank account, try the Square Cash app! From the makers of the Square Card reader, it’s a great app that allows you to send money to your contacts!

You can receive a $5 sign up bonus AND $5 per referral! This will not last long!

  • They offered $1 as a sign up bonus in the past (which is still being promoted on their website)
  • If you’re already using the app or have used it in the past, you don’t qualify for this offer
  • Must live in the United States
  • You must refer your friend by using their phone number
  • You must have a smartphone with texting capabilities
  • You must use a debit card.

Join here

SLIGHT CHANGE: Square Cash has now changed the referral terms. You must send a payment in order to receive your $5 signup bonus and the person you referred must send a payment in order for you to receive the referral bonus. (You can send money to each other in order to get the bonus!)

You can send money to anyone who uses the cash app (even a spouse or a sibling!), so download it today!

The Beginner’s Guide to Crazy Couponing

We have a lot of older posts about how to coupon and save money when you grocery shop. I figured I would make a simple link guide here, just so you can find them easily!

New to Couponing?

How do you get started with couponing?

Coupon Policies

Where can I get Fresh Food/Organic coupons?

Saving Money on Food

Use Your Smartphone When You Grocery Shop (There are lots of grocery shopping rebate apps!)

Company Email List (Email companies and ask for coupons!)

Where to print coupons!

Coupons.Com This Page is hosted by Crazy Couponing. Please print your coupons here to support us!


Red Plum

Rite Aid Load2Card


P&G Printables 

Johnson’s & Johnson’s Healthy Essentials 



Whole Foods

Double Dipping Grocery Deals!

If you are a fan of Crazy Couponing, you know how much I love smartphone apps that help you save or make money!

Shopmium (Use code GYYGCUTN to get a free Lindt Chocolate Bar!)
Checkout 51

Buy any brand Milk-
Ibotta- $0.50 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.50 back

Total Cash Back= $1.00

Real California Milk Coupon= $0.35

Glade Wax Melts
Ibotta- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.50 cash back

Total Cash Back= $1.50

Glade Wax Melts Coupon=$1 off two

Shopmium- Fage Yogurt- $0.50 cash back
Checkout 51- any brand yogurt- $0.50 cash back

Total Cash Back= $1.00

Lavazza Coffee-
Shopmium- $1.50 cash back
Checkout 51- $2.50 cash back
 (Must buy Gran Aroma, Classico, Gran Selezione or Perfetto blend to receive both rebates)

Total Cash Back= $4.00

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refill
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $0.75 cash back
Total cash back= $1.75

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Coupon-$1 off

Belvita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuits 8.8 oz.
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Ibotta-  $0.75 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75 

Ritz Crackerfuls
Ibotta- $1.00 cash back
Checkout 51- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $2.00

CLR Bath and Kitchen Cleaner
Ibotta- $0.75 cash back
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75

CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover
Ibotta- $0.75 cash back
Shopmium- $1.00 cash back
Total Cash Back- $1.75

Smartphone Apps = $$$

Most people I know have smartphones. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you can use it to save or make money. You won’t get rich, but these apps are definitely a great way to help make a little extra money or help save while you are shopping!

Ibotta (Android and iOS)

“Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn real money just for buying your favorite products. You can earn $20 or more each time you use the app. Choose which offers you are going to buy. When you buy them, click a pic of your receipt and earn!

You will also be able to unlock rewards and bonus offers! Invite your friends and for a limited time, earn $5 for each referral that completes at least one offer!!!!

Checkout51 (iOS and Android)

“How Checkout 51 works

  1. Browse your offers and buy products at any store.
  2. Upload your receipt using Checkout 51.
  3. We’ll confirm your purchase and credit your account.
  4. When your account reaches $20, you can cash out and we’ll mail a check your way.”

Shopmium (iOS and Android)
Use code GYYGCUTN to get a free Lindt Chocolate Bar!
Very similar to Ibotta. Purchase one of the items on the list and get a rebate delivered to your PayPal account within days.

Receipt Hog (iOS and Android)
Take pictures of your grocery receipts, earn coins and redeem those coins for prizes!

Use code cdc7b894 to get a bonus 50 points!
Watch app and movie trailers to get points. You can let the app run as long as you want! Redeem points for gift cards or PayPal cash!

Live to Win (iOS)
USE CODE p9ahf to get 1000 Bonus Entries!
Check out this free app – there’s a $500 prize every day! Just answer questions, watch videos and check out apps for extra entries! Super easy!

EzBucks (iOS)
Earn 3.25% Cash Back on ALL Purchases! Save Money and earn rewards when you Shop.

Receipt Pal (iOS) 
Submit a photo of a receipt or an e-receipt to ReceiptPal. You’ll earn points that can be used towards great rewards like gift cards. Weekly sweepstakes give you a chance to win cash bonuses.

Ebates (Web and iOS)
Sign up with Ebates and you can earn cash back on your online purchases. 

Smoopa (iOS, Amazon and Android)
Use code 2d1adc8fd3 to get $2!
Smoopa is a free shopping app where you can collect and share what you love. Join forces with fellow shoppers to shop smarter, together. When you contribute an in-store price for an item you like, you may receive a special offer. If you get an offer, purchase the item in the store and submit your claim. Upon confirmation, the amount will be added to your account balance and can be redeemed for money via PayPal or rebate check, gift cards from stores such as Amazon and Walmart, or donations to various charities.

    gapNsnap (iOS)
    gapNsnap, the mobile application, is taking a fresh approach to the dreaded Out of Stock.
    Find an empty shelf at any retailer in the U.S., use gapNsnap to snap a photo & get rewarde

    Quickthoughts (iOS)
    Everyone loves rewards, and now you can get rewarded simply by giving your opinion. Earn iTunes Gift Cards by taking quick and easy surveys with QuickThoughts.

    Field Agent (iOS)
    You can get paid for completing tasks (audits)  like checking the status of a product, display or section of the shelf in local stores.

    Easy Shift (iOS)
    “Shifts are short assignments that involve filling out a survey. Surveys usually require that you answer questions and submit photographs about a certain product which we then award you both points and cash for. Location-based Shifts require you to be a specific location like a store. There are also Anywhere Shifts that you can complete anywhere and that we award points only for. The more points you have, the more Shifts you can reserve. Also, the more points you have, the faster your Shifts are approved and the sooner you’ll get paid.”

    Mobee (Android and iOS)
    Use code XMMM to get $3!
    “Earn money and gift cards for giving reviews of local cafes and restaurants. Receive points for every review or “mission” completed! Our Rewards Center has a ton of gift cards from places like Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, and Dunkin Donuts. We even have Paypal and charity donations.”

    Photorewards (iOS)
    Use code “quickarm”
    Share photos and earn points that you can redeem for iTunes Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, xBox Microsoft Points and any more!

    Rewardable (Android and iOS)
    Get paid while you shop. Snap a photo, answer questions and earn cash instantly.

    Saving Star (Android and iOS)
    “Providing exclusive eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 grocery and drug stores throughout the country, SavingStar’s eCoupons are linked to your store loyalty cards and offer a more convenient and eco-friendly way to save on groceries than paper coupons. SavingStar automatically adds the value of each eCoupon redeemed into your SavingStar account.
    SavingStar also offers an easy way to save on your online shopping. Through our cashback mall, you can save every time you shop at great sites like Groupon, Travelocity, Proflowers,, and hundreds of other online stores. You can save even more with SavingStar’s exclusive coupon codes.”

    Shopkick (Android and iOS)
    “Shopkick is the shopping app that helps you discover all the best products at stores near you. It shows you popular products and rewards waiting for you at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, American Eagle, JCPenney, Sports Authority and Crate & Barrel. And it rewards you with kicks (points) just for walking in the door. Get even more kicks when you scan items and make purchases. Redeem your points for gift cards at your favorite stores. Now you can do even more of what you love—shop.”

    BambooWallet (Android and iOS)
    Use code “AM1229469” to earn $0.25
    “Bamboo Wallet is the companion app to JunoWallet and has unique and different offers to earn JunoCredits. You can use the same sign in for both apps and pool your JunoCredits to Go Shop in both apps for the gift cards of your choice.

    JunoWallet is THE Social Mobile Marketing Rewards App that allows you to earn JunoCredits to spend on the gift cards of your choice and instantly receive and use them from your mobile device.

    You can earn JunoCredits by:
    • Playing Games
    • Watching Videos
    • Doing Surveys
    • Making Calls
    • Inviting Your Friends
    • and many more!”

    Viggle (Android and iOS)
    “Viggle can automatically identify the show you’re watching. You get Viggle points for every show you watch. Redeem your Viggle points for real rewards or convert your points into charitable donations.”

    Jingit (Android and iOS)
    Check out Jingit! You watch videos and make money. For just $3, you can receive a Visa debit card to load your funds on to! There are no fees, as long as you add money at least once every 3 months! Even adding a penny counts!

    Use code “amara32”
    “When you’re out shopping, use CheckPoints in millions of stores to scan barcodes on products and earn points toward great prizes. When you’re anywhere else, check out the new “Easy Points” section for even more ways to earn points. Redeem your points for fabulous rewards like iTunes and gift cards, airline miles, cool gadgets like popular tablets and gaming systems, and even donations to charities!”

    AppNana (Android and iOS)
    Use code “a420652” to earn 2500 points 
    “Earn credits with apps and games you play. Get any paid app and game for free. Redeem Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Xbox gift cards.”

    IconZoomer (Android and iOS)
    “Iconzoomer is a network where people show their lives through snapshots of consumer activities.
    Members photograph aspects of their daily life that relate to specific assignments. In reward they earn credits for money, products or charity.”

    Panel App (Android and iOS)
    “The Panel App measures your location data and in exchange provides points that can be redeemed for rewards.  To start using the app, you simply need to register with your email address and answer a few basic demographic questions. You will earn points every day that you have the app on your phone.  You can also earn bonus points by answering survey questions (will be sent to you periodically), referring friends or linking social networking accounts.  Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem for a prize by tapping the “Redeem” button underneath your points balance.”

    Tapporo  (Android)
    Use code TAPAM17846 for $0.25
    “You can earn ORO Coins by engaging with different brands(watching videos, installing apps and completing other offers). You can then use your ORO Coins to purchase different prizes at Tapporo Store.”

    Gigwalk (Android and iOS)
    Check out different gigs, complete the task (checking on a business or a display in a store) and get paid cash.

    Scan and Earn (Android)
    “Earn money by scanning food products. They require individuals to collect nutrition data from everyday food and drink products using their Android phones. You can scan products in your own kitchen cupboards/fridge/freezer, as well as parents, friends, neighbors etc, so you can do it anywhere as long as the product has a nutrition label and barcode.
    You will earn 30 cents per full product scan, so for example, if you scan 45 products in one hour, you will earn the equivalent of $13.50 an hour.”

    Feature Points (Android and iOS)
    “Try apps and earn awesome rewards, including Amazon and iTunes gift cards, or an iPad mini.”

    Free My Apps (Android and iOS)
    “When you download and try our free sponsor apps, you will earn credits, and credits can be redeemed for gift cards. In other words, you can get real gift cards without spending a penny, and it really works!”

    Surveys On the Go (Android and iOS)
    “Surveys On The Go is a mobile market research tool that pays users for their opinions about various topics and issues. You can opt in to categories such as business, politics, entertainment, news, sports, media and technology. Once you reach US $10.00 you can cash out using your PayPal account. Occasionally, surveys will appear in your inbox without an alert, so check in from time to time.”

    Scantopia (Android and iOS)
    “Scantopia is the only app where you can win real cash just for scanning barcodes — all for free. Up to $40,000 in cash and prizes each and every month!”

    Instant Rewards (iOS)
    Make money by:

    • watching videos
    • opening accounts
    • clicking on links
    • making enquiries
    • joining groups or websites
    • completing surveys
    • making purchases
    • downloading software
    • and much more!

    Zapiddy (iOS)

    Click on the magnifying glass to see what jobs are available in your area. You may be asked to answer a few questions, check the price of a particular product, or take a photo of a product in a store.

    Mobile Rewards (iOS)

    Make money by watching YouTube videos, signing up for free products and more.

    Use the Summer for Good!

    As the end of the school year approaches for my daughter, I am thinking about ways we can help the school during our summer vacation. There are a lot of different programs, apps and sales you can utilize to raise money for your kid’s schools.

    Take advantage of sales! School supplies are often on sale during the months of July and August. Pay attention to special coupons and match them with sales! Last year, there were Rose Art art supply coupons available (it was the first time I had ever seen them!) I bought a TON of stuff from Target. I gave out colored pencils, fat and skinny markers, paint and crayons to all of the children in my family in their Eid goody bags. I used some of the supplies to fulfill school supply lists for my daughter and niece. I donated some for my daughter’s classroom. I donated the rest to my daughter’s Sunday school. I was able to fulfill my own needs and the needs for many other children with just one shopping trip!

    Don’t forget to collect your Box Tops and Labels for Education! Print out the Box Tops and Labels for Education collection sheets to keep them more organized! Ask your kids to glue them! Link your grocery card on the Labels for Education site. Participate in the games and cashback shopping on the Box Tops website!

    Utilize your smartphone! Some apps allow you earn money by uploading receipts from your grocery shopping trips!

    Shoparoo: A fundraising only app, it allows parents to earn money for the school just by uploading a picture of any kind of receipt and inviting friends to use the app. The makers estimate each person who uses the app can earn $10-$15 per school year. This might not seem like much, but if we could get as many parents as possible to use the app, we have the possibility of raising money in the thousands for each school!

    Tyson Project A+, which allows parents to clip the labels of participating Tyson chicken products and give them to the school. Each label is worth 24 cents for your school!

    Terracycle: Choose a brigade, save the waste (Capri Sun pouches, Lunchables containers, Little Bites pouches, etc,). You can recycle the waste AND earn money for your school!

    Target REDcard: Choose your kids’ elementary school, the neighborhood middle school or any other eligible K–12 school. Target will donate 1% of your Credit or Debit REDcard purchases made at Target and

    eScrip: Register cards from local grocers and drug stores, or add your credit and debit cards, and eScrip will donate a percentage of all purchases to the school of your choice.

    My Coke Rewards: You can donate your points (3 pts. = $0.05) to the school of your choice!

    Kellogg Family Rewards: Purchase participating Kellogg’s products to earn points. You can donate those points to the school of your choice!

    Office Depot 5% Back to Schools Program :

    • Shop at Office Depot for all of your school and office supplies
    • Present your school’s 5% Back To Schools ID number when you shop online, over the phone or at your neighborhood Office Depot store.
    • Office Depot will offer your school credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card that can be used towards FREE supplies!

    And finally, pay attention to social media. In the beginning of the school year, Target was having a Give Back to School Program. By just sharing the Facebook app and asking people to vote, we earned $175 in Target gift cards for P.S. 130. Also, there was a partnership between Jingit and Box Tops for Education, where we raised over $150 for my daughter’s school. This was just me alone advertising and promoting these programs among those I knew. If we can get more parents involved, I think it would be MUCH more beneficial for our schools!

    Add your thoughts in the comments!