Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a survey site that offers HIGH paying surveys and Product evaluations! It’s very easy, the surveys don’t take too long, and you get $5 for every person who JUST SIGNS UP under your referral link! So easy!

  • Paid Surveys – Receive email notifications each week about new opportunities to earn up to $75 for evaluating a product.
  • Online Studies – Receive email notifications every few days about new chances to earn $1 for completing a simple online survey.
  • Reward Mail – Get paid to read your email! Reward Mail features promotional messages from a variety of advertisers, and you will get paid just for reading the email and clicking on the link to visit the sponsor’s website and checking it out. It’s that easy!
  • Opinion Polls – Receive fun opinion polls in your Inbox a few times each week and earn 25¢ every time you share your opinion.
  • Member Newsletter – Stay informed. Every two weeks you’ll receive an email about your account balance, new opportunities and bonus offers.

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