Check out Jingit! You watch videos and make money. You can watch videos on your computer or download the Jingit app! The app is the best way to earn. You can also earn money on purchases you make at the grocery store.

The Visa debit card is no longer available. It has been phased out. Jingit is now allowing you to purchase e-gift cards. This is the email I received:

Dear Jingit Friends,

Today, Jingit is excited to unveil that you will be able to use your Jingit earnings to purchase eGift Cards from your favorite retailers!
To learn how to transfer Jingit earnings to eGift Cards, please click on the link below or copy it into your web browser:
We plan to launch additional cards, so let us know your favorite stores and restaurants!
You spoke and we listened! Right now we are busy building the ability for you to link your bank account to make it easier for you to transfer your Jingit earnings. Stay tuned for future updates!
As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@jingit.com.
Thanks so much,
Jingit Team

Make sure to click this first link to sign up first: Jingit Sign Up

Log in to your account to see if there are any ads available for you!

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198 thoughts on “Jingit!”

  1. No it hasn't been 24 hours just yet. With past links I could watch at say 8pm and then get the next round again just after midnight. Thanks for the reply. I'll give them a try a little later.


  2. Thank you for the links. They all worked great for me and it is so much easier coming here and clicking rather than searching them out.


  3. THANK YOU!!! For all who said the videos don't work, you need to select a school for the box tops from the “Multi Ad” video (it can be any school if your school/previous school isn't on there). From then, that's all you need to do! All the videos are guaranteed to work! Smooth sailing…


  4. Thanks so much for making these available! It is wonderful to be able to earn from Jingit again. I really appreciate it, I love your site.


  5. any suggestions on how to get referrals? family and friends are not into jingit swagbucks etc.—also i got my jingit card but im curious, does it have a monthly fee you have to pay??


  6. Only the glue works for me. Everytime…that is it. I don't understand why. I can't get anyone to join me if nothing works half right. I keep trying but it gets so aggravating.


  7. It does by default. Log into the account for the card. Change your preference to not receive a paper statement. No more fees. Otherwise they mail the statements and you get charged. You could start a blog, print up pens, pencils with your referral code on it. Place them around town. That could nab you some referrals.


  8. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!! ALL ads but the multi ad worked for me AND even if they didn't I still appreciate the effort that you put into this.


  9. For those using the CHROME browser, you need to use incognito mode. You do this by either: clicking on the wrench and selecting incognito window or you can simple hold CTRL+SHIFT+N all at the same time. A new window will pop up.


  10. Everyone with a $15 limit, you'll easily reach it within 4-5 days with these videos! $15 each week!

    Unfortunately on Jingit's Facebook, they said the videos will be up until mid this month, so keep earning while you can!


  11. New to all this Jingit stuff and wanted to say thank you! I just got a new Android phone and tried it at walmart today.. I didn't have much luck. Any pointers on using jingit in the store? Thanks!!


  12. they all work for me every day. make sure u clear ur cache and cookies everyday and do the ads once a day. they will not work more then one time per day. i reach my limit in 2 – 3 days depending on if jingit has any ads on their page.


  13. y do people not understand the meaning of “gratitude or grateful?” these folks that do these links? owe nothing to anyone. just saying, I get so tired of listening to people COMPLAIN! get over yourselves……Thanks for helping me keep grocery money on my card. I AM GRATEFUL! 🙂


  14. The Jingit site is hard to navigate for your account I think. Do you enter a school you would like box tops to be donated to or is it just when you purchase box top items? I can't find any info on it on their site and I don't remember adding my kid's school when I signed up.

    This site has a bunch of ads that worked for me today, many were new to me, so they might be for you!



  15. It seems that these ads (all of the Box Tops ones) have now expired. They didn't work for me yesterday or today. I might actually have to go to WalMart to max out this week! 😉


  16. All of these links have stopped working for me. I even cleared my cache and cookies from my computer from the beginning of time. It's frustrating because I've been doing this for almost 2 months now and have never had a problem and now all of a sudden they don't work. I have friends that are having the same problem. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?


  17. Just to let everyone know, the Boxtops Campaign has ended. The only links currently working are the Elmer's First Day of School and occasionally the S'mores. Hopefully they will add another campaign soon. I enjoyed maxing out every week.


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