Check out Jingit! You watch videos and make money. You can watch videos on your computer or download the Jingit app! The app is the best way to earn. You can also earn money on purchases you make at the grocery store.

The Visa debit card is no longer available. It has been phased out. Jingit is now allowing you to purchase e-gift cards. This is the email I received:

Dear Jingit Friends,

Today, Jingit is excited to unveil that you will be able to use your Jingit earnings to purchase eGift Cards from your favorite retailers!
To learn how to transfer Jingit earnings to eGift Cards, please click on the link below or copy it into your web browser:
We plan to launch additional cards, so let us know your favorite stores and restaurants!
You spoke and we listened! Right now we are busy building the ability for you to link your bank account to make it easier for you to transfer your Jingit earnings. Stay tuned for future updates!
As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@jingit.com.
Thanks so much,
Jingit Team

Make sure to click this first link to sign up first: Jingit Sign Up

Log in to your account to see if there are any ads available for you!

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198 thoughts on “Jingit!”

  1. For all who are reading comments, I noticed that when I go to Walmart and check-in a product for 50 cents, that I can't get anything on that ad for a couple of days. So it seems that even with check-ins at Walmart, you will make about the same thing each week regardless. Again, thanks for posting these links, it does really help!


  2. It really is a bummer that the ads no longer work, but I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for posting these ads initially. You made earning money from Jingit so convenient and I appreciate you taking the time to post the links so very much. Have a fantastic day!


  3. Thanks for always keeping up with the links. It's been a great help. Unfortunately, only 1 of the new 8 links worked for me 😦


  4. THANKS! None of these worked for me with Google Chrome, but I switched over and used Firefox and they ALL worked. Thank you for keeping us updated with the links 🙂


  5. Anyone not having luck with the ads, switch browsers and try again. I couldn't get them on Chrome but with the ancient IE they ALL worked. Feels good to make a few bucks again.


  6. Can someone help me out her? Yesterday I couldn't get the ads with Chrome but switched browsers and got them. Today, however, I can't get them again. Is the school I chose saved or do I have to choose again? Either way, it's not even giving me the option to choose and all I get is the “check back later” message. Am I mssing something?


  7. Switch browsers if you start having issues. I think the school info is saved. Some are available again for me in less than 24 hours but some are not. Just remember to keep trying. I am over $5 now in less than 24 hours. Thanks for the quick easy links


  8. Thanks so much for providing the links! I love that there's a single location I can visit to find them! All worked for me (firefox, windows7)!


  9. Thanks so much for the links. I had a bit of trouble, but followed the tips. Now everything works fine. Again thanks for taking the time to post all this! a great help


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