Check out Jingit! You watch videos and make money. You can watch videos on your computer or download the Jingit app! The app is the best way to earn. You can also earn money on purchases you make at the grocery store.

The Visa debit card is no longer available. It has been phased out. Jingit is now allowing you to purchase e-gift cards. This is the email I received:

Dear Jingit Friends,

Today, Jingit is excited to unveil that you will be able to use your Jingit earnings to purchase eGift Cards from your favorite retailers!
To learn how to transfer Jingit earnings to eGift Cards, please click on the link below or copy it into your web browser:
We plan to launch additional cards, so let us know your favorite stores and restaurants!
You spoke and we listened! Right now we are busy building the ability for you to link your bank account to make it easier for you to transfer your Jingit earnings. Stay tuned for future updates!
As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@jingit.com.
Thanks so much,
Jingit Team

Make sure to click this first link to sign up first: Jingit Sign Up

Log in to your account to see if there are any ads available for you!

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198 thoughts on “Jingit!”

  1. The Box Top campaign is over. From their facebook page-
    “Thanks for helping make our Box Tops campaign a huge success! Although the Box Tops campaign ends today, there are more earning opportunities with S’mores and Elmer’s. Plus, we will have more content for you soon, so make sure to keep an eye on http://jngt.co/instoresnowfb for all current earning opportunities!”


  2. Wow to the Anonymous jerk-off that was rude by posting “Can't be bothered to post the links to the videos for donation?” Shes nice enough to put these up for us when she doesnt have to. Use your manners and keep your snide remarks to yourself. And if you dont like it, go elsewhere and find the links.


  3. Hey. If you go to this link. … http://instoresnow.walmart.com/jingit.aspx … scroll down to the 'Smores' one and you can watch it again for another $0.20, so actually 3 videos work instead of 2. :]

    Thanks for the tip, but unfortunantly it dosn't work for me (maybe my broser, or the way I'm doing it.) Congrats though. I'll keep comming back here and checking updaes. I love that I found this helpful site to earn more with my jingit!


  4. I do think you got yourself overwhelmed with this..People are going to BITCH no matter what. You can't help that. If people on here want to ask questions? let them! WHO CARES. I know I don't. Have other people on here answer them. You don't have to. And whatever you do? If nothing else but to keep your own sanity? Don't take it to heart. I hope you are getting paid a little for the clicks that come here? GOD knows you deserve it for putting up with a bunch of cry baby bitchers!! good luck!


  5. No.. the ad's are not working now for anyone, Jingit has ended that promo, pay attention to their Facebook page and you'll know when new things are happening, the poor girl who is nice enough to run this blog and give us these links, she does not work for Jingit, so quit your whining and complaining to her, she is just the person doing Jingit like us, except she is nice enough to help and do this for us. Treat her and this blog with some respect or simply don't bother using it. (Simple)


  6. ok an update looks like Jingit released another update for the smartphones and I was able to do a couple of new ads and go back and do a series of Jello ads again. I got a couple of dollars or more from this weeks update and look forward to some more brand new ones in the coming weeks this March


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